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Party Table Rentals in Los Angeles and Ventura County

As you plan your event, be sure to reserve an appropriate number of tables for your guests. This is no longer an issue when you come to us for help. At AAA Rents and Events, we provide chair & table rentals in Los Angeles and Ventura County for any occasion! We will help you taking the inaccurate guessing out of your party for good! We guarantee our event rentals will make your party better than you expected!

Seating can often make all the difference at large parties or events for the overall comfort and enjoyment for your guests. The number of tables you’ll need can be estimated by the number of guests for the events, and occasionally the particular needs of the event. If you’re worried about renting too many or too little tables, the general rule of thumb is to play it safe and rent more chairs and tables than you need. It’s always best to have a little more of something, than not enough. Your guests will thank you!

Shape will also make a difference. Circular tables are nice for conversation, but might not make sense for the size of the room you’ve acquired, or able to accommodate your chairs. Rectangular tables tend to be more space-efficient. Of course, the seating arrangement should match the intimacy of the event, and rectangles aren’t always the best option. After the number and tables and chairs are determined, the task of arranging guests according to personal dynamics is the next task. Give us a call – we can also help with that!

Renting tables for a large event is one piece of the entire event-planning puzzle, but simple logic can help you make the best choices. If you need help with estimating how many tables to rent, or if you want some advice on selecting a style for renting tables for large events, don’t be afraid to give AAA Rents & Events a call!


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